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Benefits of Adding Automation to Your Business

Qualified Leads

More qualified leads = More sales. Period. Let’s make sure you’re getting qualified!

Expert Assistance

My fully trained team and I have been assisting businesses with building automated success through technology for years. Let us help you too!

Easy to Follow

We set you up for success by putting the right pieces in place and then giving you step-by-step training to work the system yourself.

More Sales

Sales become an inevitability once you access a deep pool of qualified leads through an automated system.


Why keep banging your head against the same wall. We’ll help you automate 90% of your online tasks so that you’re free to focus on the parts of your business that you love.

Easy Payment

We understand that consistent cash flow is essential in your small business and will set you up with a payment plan that works for you.

If you can answer YES to any of these six criteria...

you’re ready to POWER UP Your Sales with Infusionsoft

I have sales revenue of at least 100K

I work with marketing budget of 1K-10K

I want to hire employees but need more revenue

I use multiple systems (CRM, landing page builder, shopping cart, autoresponder)

My list is not growing fast enough

I want more sales with less effort

I've answered YES to all six

Congratulations you’re ready! You’ve answered yes to each of the six criteria and you’re ready to POWER UP your sales.
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I have not answered YES to all six

No problem! You’re still on your way to great business achievement and I can help you get there.
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What our customers say


Angela recently helped me with a particularly detail-oriented project and she delivered excellent results with very fast turnaround. I will definitely collaborate with Angela again in the future. She is pleasant and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch virtual assistant.

Tracey D’Aviero

Virtual Assistant,

Angela Spisak is the ultimate professional. She’s dependable, she’s trust-worthy. I can count on her to make sure the task is complete. She is eager to learn new tasks, catches on quickly and always does a phenomenal job.
You can only go so far in the business world alone, and then you need an elite team to take you further. Angela is one of those elite team members.
I have owned a multi-VA firm for over 10 years and have been through my share of VA’s. Angela is my chosen right-hand. She is the crème de la crème.

Peggy Murrah

Angela was a complete pleasant surprise coming onto my team as a Virtual Assistant. Overnight she caught onto the processes in my business and was able to implement all her administrative duties with little if any hand holding. She is a fantastic multi-tasker and can easily switch from one task to another without interruption. A quick problem solver too! Her administrative and customer service skills are top notch. Angela is a true asset to any online business wanting to make money online and I highly suggest utilizing her VA services.

Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of

Angela Spisak provided me with really warm, detail oriented, highly competent service in the capacity of customer service rep and general doer of all things administrative. I LOVED working with her — really!
Furthermore, I regularly got rave reviews (unasked for) from happy customers who came to her with questions or problems. I can’t recommend adding Angela to your team enough!

Suzanne Falter-Barns

While being a Team Member here at Oldcastle Glass Engineered Products, Angela was the one to go to for assistance, even if the tasks were outside her sphere of influence.  Known as a person to depend upon, she used her talents to collaborate with our supplier partners and internal resources to create logistics solutions that before her arrival seemed to be left undone or treated as “too difficult to handle” by other staff members.  I would highly recommend Angela as a loyal person who gets the job done.  Should, an opportunity ever open where the fit meant having a business partner….there would be no doubt as to who I would call….Angela!

Lyndon Regular

Sales Manager, Alumicor
Dr. Venus Reese

“Angela is an Infusionsoft Ninja! She has single-handedly and systematically grown our online business to $4 million in 5 years!”
Angela is an earth angel. She has been with us from the start of our company and has built all our funnels; launch campaigns, client care procedures, payment pages, maintained our membership sites, updated our website, collection on default payments and even effective credit card chargeback processes for us. She is a marketing genius who is current and knows what’s working today’s Internet marketing world.
But beyond her brilliance, her extraordinary attention to detail and stellar level of service—to our team as well as our clients—is her heart.
Angela is just as invested in the success of our company as we are. She comes up with new strategies to streamline processes and bring in revenue in the most systematic and leverage way possible. I love Angela. We would NEVER have become successful without her. Thank you, Angela, for being our partner in making a difference in the world with our business and making millions! You’re a keeper!

Dr. Venus

The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™

Choose Your Powered Up Program

Start Your Engine

Best for businesses looking for basic guidance from an expert as they get started with Infusionsoft. If you’re comfortable using new technology once you’ve had some basic coaching and hands on instruction then this is for you.

Gear Up

Best for businesses that needs more in-depth guidance to get and feel comfortable with Infusionsoft. If you’re looking for extra help setting yourself up for success, this is the package for you.


Best for businesses that needs more in-depth guidance to get and feel comfortable with Infusionsoft. If you’re looking for extra help setting yourself up for success, this is the package for you.

Maintenance Packages

Looking for additional support for Infusionsoft? Need help with something specific?

Coaching & Training

Individual support for you or your team. Training packages to help you maximize the power of Infusionsoft for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Which package is right for me?

Some people know exactly which package is right, and others don’t. That’s fair. That’s why we’re happy to have a consultation call with you to discuss where you are in your business and where you want to go. We’ll help you choose the right package or customize one that fits perfectly. Contact us today to get started!

Can I customize a plan?

You definitely can. However, be aware that these plans have been created to take your business to the next level with a complete system that will function optimally. That said, we understand that you may need a customized version to complete your online system and we’re ready to accommodate. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Will you work one-on-one with me?

If that is what you want, there are packages for that. However, we do have some great offerings that will advance your business in a group setting too. These often require a smaller investment and can be ideal for certain clients. Please check out all our packages and feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you still have questions.

Are there payment options?

All payments can be made by credit card. However, to facilitate a smoother cash flow we can discuss a payment plan that fits your needs. Contact us today to set something up.

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