Done For You Holiday Promo

Special Offer

ADone For YouSales Funnel

End the year on a high note with a quick & easy flash sale!

Follow up can be the most time consuming and who has time for it today? Why not automate your follow up with a done for you sales funnel.

Set up your free offer to collect email addresses and build your list and then automatically nurture that new relationship. Your funnel will automatically deliver your free offer for instant gratification to your new prospect and then continue to send your nurturing emails to build trust in your new relationship.

Now setting up a sale funnel can seem daunting to some, especially when you think of the time and technical know-how you might need to do it. But rather than spend your time doing something you just don’t enjoy, spend that time in your business doing what you love and enjoy outsourcing your funnel build to someone who knows it.

This Offer is for you if…

  • You have a website to host your landing page
  • You have a lead magnet to give away (free report, audio, video, digital training, etc.)
  • You have a CRM or you’re willing to get one

Your Done For You Quick Holiday Sales Funnel includes:

  • A landing page integrated with your CRM
  • A series of 5 emails – we can brainstorm copy together but you’ll want to write your own copy so it has your voice
  • Product set up & purchase confirmation

Now you ask, what’s the cost?

I know you want to keep this in your budget and I’m offering a steep discount for a limited time only.

$597 or 2 payments of $347.

I regularly charge $1000+ for a sales funnel set up like this.

Having this Done For You Sales Funnel in place will help you end the year on a high note.  Once your funnel is set up all you need to do is promote it!  Share it everywhere – social media, your email signature and any other promotional techniques you use.

What’s next?

Reach out and let’s chat to see if this is a fit for you.  I can’t wait to talk to you!