My Favourite Email Tool – Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail - my favourite inbox organizer

The Boomerang for Gmail helps me keep my inbox clean. Running my own business, I often have emails coming in from different clients as well as the different newsletters and promotions I might sign up for. At times, it can feel out of control.  I’m sure like me, you’ve had to go through the emails…

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5 Ways to Help You Navigate Unsatisifed Customers

Like it or not there are many things that will put an unsatisfied customer over the edge and you in a situation where you just can’t win. It’s important to be able to communicate effectively with customers so that any issues don’t escalate into something more. Handle each issue with calmness and grace. Here are…

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What to do with an Angry Customer?

Customer service can be nasty business sometimes.  Have you ever received an email from an angry customer?  Most likely it went a little something like this: “You are the worst company I have ever dealt with!”.  Oops!  Now what? It is very hard to find the right words when your customer is angry and starts…

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