My Favourite Email Tool – Boomerang for Gmail

The Boomerang for Gmail helps me keep my inbox clean. Running my own business, I often have emails coming in from different clients as well as the different newsletters and promotions I might sign up for. At times, it can feel out of control.  I’m sure like me, you’ve had to go through the emails you get and decide what to keep and what lists to unsubscribe from. Then I found the Boomerang for Gmail app.  It’s been a lifesaver for my inbox sanity. 🙂 


Write messages now and schedule them to deliver later

First, how many times have you seen an email come in over the course of the evening and wanted to respond? That’s me, but I’ve learned over my years in business that it’s important to set and keep my boundaries. Boomerang for Gmail allows me to write the email and send it in the morning. Or perhaps I just want to send the email at a time when I know it will be better received, like after lunch, or first thing in the morning. You can even schedule it for next week!


Schedule messages to return to your inbox

Sometimes, I get emails that I don’t need to deal with right at the moment. It might be something that isn’t due until next week or a piece of a project I’m working on. I like to keep a clean inbox, so when I get those emails, rather than have them sit and wait for me. I use the Boomerang for Gmail app to send them out for a few hours or days until I know I need the email. This gets it out of my inbox (clean inbox!) and when I know I need it, it comes in at the top of my inbox.


Remind you to follow up on messages that didn’t get a response in a certain timeframe

How many times have you sent an email to someone and you need or expect a response back? How often did that response never come and later you’re kicking yourself that you didn’t follow up? Boomerang for Gmail can remind you to follow up when you don’t get a reply in a timely manner so no request or deadline falls through the cracks. 

If you’re anything like me, you value a decluttered inbox. Which means that you hate having emails hang out in there when they don’t need to be. When my inbox is full I don’t feel like I’m getting things done. The benefit of being able to bump things out of my inbox until a set time, send emails at a prescheduled time and get a reminder to follow up is a lifesaver when I get busy. 

If you have a busy inbox and need help organizing it I recommend you. Check out the Boomerang for Gmail app, they have both a paid and free version. I’m using the paid version myself and it’s changed my inbox game. 

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