Yes, I know…we usually talk about setting goals in January. I set some goals in January too and honestly, I did nothing with them until recently. Being a work-at-home-mom, it was hard to find time to focus on client work and my children. So working on my own business really took a backseat. I was okay with that. After all, I did this so I could be at home and be there for my family.

Now, with both kids in school, I feel I was able to actually REALLY get something done! After 4 years in business, I finally got a real logo, a new header on my website and a free report posted so I could start building a list. I know…small things right? But I feel so good about finally having them done and although I still have a lot of business building and branding ahead of me, I know I’m at least on my way.

How about you? Have you been procrastinating on one of your goals?

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