7 Marketing Campaigns Every Business Should Implement

You just got your new marketing automation software and now the BIG question – Where do you start?

Here are 7 marketing campaigns that every business should implement to get started with marketing automation.

Automated Sales Campaign

This is a good one. Building a short sales campaign that is evergreen that you can re-use repeatedly will allow you to quickly throw a sale. Remember to make it a great deal, so it’s really a no-brainer to buy. You can run a campaign like this a couple of times a year for a quick cash infusion into your business. Maybe it’s a Memorial Day sale or its a sale to celebrate your birthday. Everyone loves a celebration. 🙂


Auto deliver everything. Have prospects opting into a webinar – send them the dial-in details right away. Use autoresponders to immediately deliver or acknowledge everything from an opt-in to service delivery.

A Welcome Campaign

Welcome all your new subscribers to your list. Set expectations of what they can expect and get them to engage with you from the beginning. But remember to track how they engage with you so you can further learn about them.

Re-engage Your List

Are you getting low email open rates? Chances are you have more than a few on your list that has either stopped opening your emails or perhaps have changed their email address altogether. Either way, they aren’t opening your emails, send them emails that give them something to click on and engage with.

Automated Emails that are Triggered by an Action

How great is it to send someone an email or give them a phone call just after they’ve viewed your sales demo or clicked a link in an email. Or in a launch you track who watches your videos and you can immediately push them through to the next video sequence. By tracking engagement and setting up these types of triggers you can do just that.

Abandoned Cart

It’s been said that an abandoned cart sequence is a powerful way to save sales and add to your bottom line. Just by tracking clicks to your sales page you can set up an abandoned cart email to run when someone doesn’t buy from you.

Lead Nurturing

It’s important to build a relationship with your prospects. With automation, it’s easy to set up a series of emails to nurture and educate your prospect with valuable content on the solutions you can provide them.

This is a quick summary of the 7 Marketing Campaigns Every Business Should Implement. These are just the basic campaigns that you can start with and build upon. It may seem overwhelming at first but remember to take them one at a time, one step at a time.

If you do run into trouble implementing and would like some assistance, I’d love to chat.


  1. Thanks for the great tips! I definitely need to spruce up my Welcome email.

  2. Yes. Great tips. I have been using email marketing for many years, but lately have seen a down turn on my open rates. I need to re-examine the kind of thing I am putting out there and make some changes. I have also been attending some social media classes lately and want to incorporate what I have learned into my email marketing. Any suggestions?

    • Angela on at

      Hi Janet! It’s great that you are reviewing your process. I would start with reviewing your subject lines – are they too long, too short, not engaging enough? You could look at doing a survey to your list even to find out where they struggle the most. This will allow you to segment your list as well as develop content that really speaks to their needs.

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