How to Get Your Friends to Tell Others About Your Business

When people tell their friends about a cool place or thing they like, it’s called a referral. Referrals are super important for businesses because they bring in new customers and make the business seem trustworthy. One of my favourite tools for referral tracking is Keap, it helps manage customer information and send out marketing messages. This guide will show you how to use Keap to get more referrals. Interested in Keap? Get started with a 14 day trial here.

What is Referral Marketing?

Before we get into how to do it, let’s understand what referral marketing is. Simply put, referral marketing is when happy customers tell their friends and family about your business. It’s great because people trust recommendations from people they know.


Why Use Keap?

Keap is helpful because it has lots of tools to keep track of customers, send out marketing messages automatically, and see how well things are working. Using Keap for referrals makes everything easier to manage and track.


How to Set Up Your Referral Center:

  1. Find Your Biggest Fans: Start by figuring out which of your customers love your business the most. These are the people who will be happy to tell others about you.
  2. Make a Referral Program: Use Keap to create a program where customers get rewards for telling their friends about your business. Rewards can be things like discounts, free items, or special access to something cool.
  3. Build a Special Webpage: Use Keap to make a special page on your website just for the referral program. Make it look nice and explain why it’s good to refer friends.
  4. Automate Messages: Set up Keap to automatically send thank-you emails to people who make referrals, keep them updated about their rewards, and remind them to refer more friends.
  5. Track Your Referrals: Keap has tools to see how many referrals you’re getting, how many turn into new customers, and how well your referral program is working.


Tips for Success:

  • Keep It Easy: Make sure the process of referring friends is simple and not confusing.
  • Offer Good Rewards: Give rewards that people really want so they feel excited to refer their friends.
  • Tell Everyone About It: Promote your referral program through emails, social media, and on your website so lots of people know about it.
  • Be Awesome to Customers: Make sure your customers are happy so they want to tell others about you.


Using Keap to build a referral center can help your business grow by getting more customers through referrals. With Keap’s tools, you can make the referral process smooth and rewarding for everyone. Start using these steps today and watch your network of happy customers grow! Stuck and don’t know where to start? Book a Powered Up Strategy call with us.


Image by Ray Alexander from Pixabay

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