Why List Segmenting is Important

List Segmenting

Segmenting helps to save your email list from unsubscribes and keep your list engaged. I see business owners starting to jump into list segmenting more often now.  However, not everyone is.  The belief has always been more emails and more sends equals more sales.  Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the case anymore.  A small…

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Single vs. Double Opt-in: Which one is best for your business?

Opt In

This is a question every business owner looks at – whether they should have a Single or Double Opt-in on their site.  It’s also not an easy question to answer, it really depends on what you feel as a business owner after you weigh the pros and cons.  Before I go into the pros and cons,…

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7 Things an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant

Infusionsoft is confusing and overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. It’s a complex all-in-one system that can handle everything from your contact database, email marketing and ecommerce to your affiliate programs. To some, that can sound a little daunting? The good news is this can all be delegated to a capable Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant. Here are just…

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How organized are you?

How Organized Are You

No matter how you put it, to run a business and be successful you need to be organized.  Or, at the very least, have someone on your team that is organized for you. Today I have a little bit of a rant. I like to think of myself as being organized in my business and…

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