Why List Segmenting is Important

Segmenting helps to save your email list from unsubscribes and keep your list engaged.

I see business owners starting to jump into list segmenting more often now.  However, not everyone is.  The belief has always been more emails and more sends equals more sales.  Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the case anymore.  A small list is just as valuable, if not more when that list is engaged.

List Segmenting

Our inboxes today are bombarded daily with offers and countless other topics.  Many of us merely scan our inboxes now to see what stands out by way of the sender and email subject line.  Think about how many emails you scan and just delete vs. read each day.

Now, this is also where ISPs come into play.  They are paying attention to what we do in our inbox, what we read, what we delete.  ISPs are always looking to protect their user from spam and unwanted content. Every time a subscriber doesn’t open your email the ISP takes notice and will ding your sending reputation and after so many dings it will automatically start redirecting your sends to that spam or junk folder.

Skeptical?  Go ahead, right now, check your spam folder.  You might be surprised at what you see in there.  I’m certain you’ll see emails that you signed up for but completely forgot about.  Because you stopped engaging with those emails your ISP started sending them to spam.  I’ve had to look in my spam folder for an email that “didn’t arrive” on a few occasions.

So how do you avoid the spam folder?

Segmenting can help.

Segmenting helps to save your list from unsubscribes and keep your list engaged.  You’ll want to segment your list based on behaviour, demographic, geographic and interest and then send only relevant content to.  Segmenting allows you to talk to each group differently in a way that relates to them and share content they really want.

Happy segmenting!

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