5 Quick & Easy Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates

5 tips that you can implement right away to help your email open rates.

Lately I’ve gotten a few questions about email open rates. It seems many small businesses are Email Open Ratesexperiencing lower than normal open rates and are seeking more ways to improve. I’ve put together a quick list of 5 tips that you can implement right away to help your email open rates.


1. Personalize –

Including personalization in your subject line and even throughout the body can make an email feel more personal to the reader. Most of us can’t resist opening an email that calls us out by name. However, as with anything, you’ll want to use this in moderation so it remains effective for you.


2. Be relevant –

Make sure your content and subject lines are relevant. More often than not a subject line that is controversial or provocative can inspire the email open that you seek. The idea here is to pique the interest and make the reader want to know what’s inside.


3. Use Symbols –

Smiley faces, hearts or money bags. We see them everywhere. And using them in email subject lines have been known to increase open rates. You can get those images here. 😄


4. Short Subject Lines –

Using short subject lines that are 25 characters or 6-10 words are optimal. This is just enough to grab the attention of your readers but not long enough to give too much away. Check out the Headline Optimizer by CoSchedule here.


5. Be Specific –

If you are using numbers in your email or subject line you want to keep them specific. Don’t round your numbers up (or down), people tend to think those numbers aren’t real

Every reader responds differently to an email, try to incorporate some of these ideas in your emails and track what happens to your email open rates. And don’t forget to segment your list. Not everyone will be ready for your offer at the same time.

If you are just starting to build your list now, or even if you’ve already started, you may want to get my Top 10 Things to Avoid When List Building here.

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