How Do You Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out?

When done correctly email marketing can be one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to communicate with your email marketing list.

One of the keys to being effective with email marketing is to think of your subscribers’ inbox like it’s their home. When they join your email marketing list, they are inviting you in. It’s important to be polite and respectful once you’re in. Remember, chances are, that inbox already has some tough competition for your emails with the normal interruptions like promotions, proposals, and discounts, just to name a few. To make it, you need to make sure your email stands out.


Treat every subscriber like a human being with personalization. Personalize your email marketing. Using the name of the reader in subject lines has been known to increase open rates, and when used in the body of the email it can encourage increased conversions. Here are some other tips to help increase your open rates.

Send a thank you email. The first email you send will most likely be the delivery of the offer they chose to sign up for with a simple thank you. It’s also important to tell the reader what to expect — what you will send, how often and if it’s possible, give them an option of what they will receive. You might want to consider taking that thank you email a little further and offer a special discount or offer.

Stay on brand. By this, I mean your brand colours, logos, and your voice. This helps to build your credibility and become familiar with your brand.

Be consistent. Mail regularly. Many of us are guilty of not making a plan and sticking with it when it comes to mailing our list. This could be a monthly newsletter or some weekly check-ins. This will keep you in the reader’s mind and at the top of their list.

Make your emails easy to read.  It’s also helpful to keep your emails simple and easy to read. Many people skim emails now at best and rarely take the time to read a full email. To make your email easy to read, think about breaking up long paragraphs, by using headlines, images and bolding to drive people through the email.

Send relevant content.  To keep readers interested, send relevant content. Having your list segmented can be helpful here so you are only sending the reader what they are interested in. You might thing about segmenting your list based on demographic, interests, or location. Read more about segmenting here.

And, remember to make sure your email template is mobile friendly so it can be read from anywhere.

If you are just starting to build your list now, or even if you’ve already started, you may want to get my Top 10 Things to Avoid When List Building here.

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